Turntable Adds Private Messaging!

You may have noticed we’ve added a little something to Turntable! Got something to say that you don’t want to share with the whole room? You can now chat privately with your Facebook and Twitter friends, as well as people you’ve fanned. It even works if you and the person you’re chatting with are in different rooms! Just click on the private message icon in the lower left hand corner of your browser window to see who’s around, find a friend you want to chat with, and you’re off!

If you decide that you’re not in the mood to chat you can set your¬†availability¬†by clicking on the settings icon and unchecking ‘Available for private chat’

When you’re ready to chat again hit the ‘Become available’ button to let your friends know that you’re around:

You won’t receive private messages from someone you’ve already ignored. If someone new is bothering you and you’d rather not receive private messages from them you can manage your ignored users from the chat settings icon too.

It’s that easy! Get chatting!

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