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Last night we had one of our biggest events in turntable history when the Australian house/dubstep duo Knife Party played a spontaneous show in #AnonFM. We had over 1,300 simultaneous users in the same room, almost double our previous record set by Passion Pit. It was crazy!

This was also coming off the heels of IceFest, an all-day music festival where 30 artists played new and unreleased songs for over 1,000 users over a 12 hour period.

Both of these events have one interesting feature in common - they weren’t organized by us. IceFest was a massive effort organized by Project AFM over the course of several months. And the Knife Party event was the result of a single text message from a user who happened to be friends with the band.

During most of 2012, our artist relations guy Jordan had been booking a few artist events a week, culminating in an epic 3-week-long Winter Festival. Our biggest takeaway from the Winter Festival was that artists visiting the site like to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And we decided that, going forward, we should try to integrate artist events with the larger turntable community.

So in 2013, we’ve made a conscious effort to mix artist events with user events, giving both equal weight and promotion. We’ve even been working with managers and labels to book artist events set in user-created rooms. For example, on Friday, the dubstep magicians Stephan Jacobs & NiT GriT will be playing a show in one of the site’s most popular rooms, DJ Wooooo’s.

We’ve also established a great flow of communication with our users. News of the spontaneous Knife Party event trickled upwards to the turntable staff within minutes, giving us ample time to promote the event to the greater turntable community and ensure that everything goes smoothly on the artist’s end as well.

We’re only a few weeks into 2013 but it’s already shaping up to be an awesome year for the turntable community. Virtual concerts are still a pretty new space and we’re always looking for new ideas from our users as to how we can help artists and fans engage with one another. If you have any ideas for cool events that you’d like to do on turntable, hit us up at communityevents@turntable.fm!

- Brad O’Farrell, Community Manager

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