Introducing Turntable Contextual Gifvertising

NEW YORK—(BUSINESS WIRE) — April 1, 2013 —, Inc. today announced that it has created a revolutionary new advertising service. Turntable Contextual Gifvertising™ is a dynamic and engaging new way for advertisers to reach consumers.

“The turntable community has always been passionate about gifs” said Jonathan Kupferman, Turntable Head of Gifvertising Operations. “Now with Contextual Gifvertising we can help bridge the gap between what our community wants and what advertisers can deliver. It’s an entirely new way for brands to connect with their audience.”

Starting today, when a user enters a turntable room they will see highly targeted gifs related to the conversations that they are already having. For example, when users talk about “doing the dougie” they may see a sponsored instructional gif from Kate Upton. While discussing swimming lessons they may be presented with a corgi in a branded life vest. This form of advertising, like the discussion taking place, is lively and captivating. Extensive testing has shown that users prefer ads with kitten gifs over text ads 93.4% of the time.

Using a unique combination of technology and intellectual property, Turntable has developed the next generation of advertising. “When we first started working on Gifvertising people thought it was a joke,” said Turntable VP of Engineering Cailin Nelson. “After months of intense research we developed a comprehensive GIFID™ system that allows us to deliver the right ad, at the right time, to the right user. While it took a tremendous amount of effort, the results speak for themselves.”

“We used to just run text ads on Google to get traffic to our online flower shop,” said Susan Faith, owner of Contoso Flowers. “When we changed to Turntable Contextual Gifvertising and started using the ‘sloth gives a girl a flower’ gif, our traffic has gone through the roof. We’re really excited about the future of Gifvertising and its impact on our business.”

Turntable Chairman Seth Goldstein commented “From the moment I first saw the dancing baby, I knew that gifs could be a game-changer. But ‘under construction’ and ‘begging cat’ were only the beginning of gif technology. We’re ready to take gifs from 2.0 to 3.0.”

Turntable Contextual Gifvertising is available on starting today. Advertisers who are interested in participating in the program should contact to receive a quote.

Join us in at 2 PM EST on 4/1 for the launch party.

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