A Quick Update

We’ve finally gotten to the bottom of the silent song issue and have a fix out. However, this fix will take some time to fully go into effect. Over the next few days you will still get some silent songs, but after that it should be the end of the silent song issue.

The short version of what was happening is that database updates were not being applied to search/playback correctly. That means that you could still see a song in your queue or in search results, but it wouldn’t actually be in the database anymore and wouldn’t play correctly. Our update will bring queues and search results back in line with what’s actually in the database. This means that some songs will be removed from queues, but we will also get new songs in the database.

Unfortunately, this update will not fix the ‘incorrect song length’ glitch. We’re still working on that one.

Other fixes that have gone out this week are:

The Grim Reaper Halloween avatar won’t appear as black boxes when they’re in the crowd anymore.

The mummy kid avatars work correctly now.